Aquí podéis encontrar links a todos los cursos de Cordova, Phonegap e Ionic Framework disponibles en Udemy, gumroad y keepcoding

Curso en Español:

Ionic desde 0

Aprende a crear aplicaciones para iOS y Android con Ionic 4

Apache cordova: De cero a la tienda / Phonegap

Cursos en Inglés:

Developing Mobile Applications with Ionic and React – Idea to App Store

Developing Mobile Applications with Ionic and Angular – Idea to App Store

Monetize Your Mobile PhoneGap Apps Using AdMob Ads 2019

Ionic Apps with Firebase

Ionic 4, React, GraphQL & Apollo: Consumindo API da SpaceX

End-to-End with Ionic4 & Parse/MongoDB on NodeJS/Express

Ionic 4, build PWA and mobile apps with angular

WordPress Rest API and Ionic 4 (Angular) App With Auth

Angular, Ionic & Node: Build A Real Web & Mobile Chat App

Mobile App from Development to Deployment – IONIC 4

Ionic 4 & WordPress App, iOS/Android, Push Notification 2019

Ionic 4 angular, ios and android apps for woocomerce

Building applications with Stenciljs, Ionic and Firebase

Ionic 4 & Angular Complete Guide to Modern Web Development

Ionic 4 Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Apps

Ionic 4 Projects

ionic 5: Crear aplicaciones IOS, Android y PWAs con Angular

Building Mobile Apps with Ionic 4

Ionic 4 Firebase with Angular-Build PWA, Native Android, iOS

Ionic 4: Learn How to Create Apps for iOS and Android

Ionic 4 – Build iOS, Android & Web Apps with Ionic & Angular